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Azur Electronics

May 2007

Redecorating the spare bedrooms gave me the opportunity to swap rooms for my Study. Although both bedrooms have the same floor area, one room is square and the other rectangular. The second room is ideal for a desk on one side and an electronics bench on the other side.

With natural light and fairly constant temperature, this is a much better working environment than the old Electronics Workshop in the Garage.

The bench was made out of a solid wood desk and the shelves at the back were from a rebuilt shelving unit. Either side of the bench is a low table for additional equipment. A drawer unit was added to store small tools and test cables. An anti-static bench mat and wrist strap are fairly essential because of fitted carpet and the dry atmosphere.

March 2009

Nearly 2 years on and the Electronics Workshop is getting more crowded. I'm about half-way through repairing and testing all the equipment.

January 2011

After nearly 4 years use, I'm beginning to realise that this layout is not ideal. Operating a Signal Generator at one end of the bench and trying to see its effect on the Spectrum Analyser at the other end of the bench is not possible. A better layout would utilise a 'U' shaped bench or having test equipment on portable trolleys. Also having shelves to store unused test equipment, rather than having it permanently on the bench, would provide more space for the work area.

April 2011

Moving house from France back to England, so everything is packed up in boxes and the furniture all dismantled back to flat-pack. Not sure when I will be able to set up my Lab again!