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Azur Electronics

June 2011

After moving house from France back to England, I have set up a temporary Electronics Workshop in a spare bedroom. The large items of equipment are just stacked up at the side of the Bench. All of the smaller items and accessories are still packed up in boxes in the Garage.

I won't be doing any serious work here for a few months, or probably years, as building a "Grand Designs" new house project is taking up most of my time.

October 2011

By now the room is full of 'kit' and it is difficult to work on anything. The Garage is nearly as bad. It just means moving things around to find parts and create space. Maybe I should stop buying all these 'bargains'.

I am though fortunate to have a room, although my wife would prefer it reverted back to a usable spare bedroom. I am intending that the new house will have a purpose designed Electronics Workshop!

November 2013

2+ years of getting frustrated with the lack of space, realising the test equipment needed is at the bottom of the stack and having to search through lots of boxes for parts. Even so I managed to do some serious R&D on a LED Lighting System (maybe more on this later).

Now I'm packing everything up again ready for the move to our new house.