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Before the Spectrum Analyser can be used, it must be calibrated using the following procedure. 
Calibration Set Up HP 8852B IF Section with 8556A LF Section. 
[Based on HP 8552B & 8556A Operating and Service Manuals] 

NOTE: Ensure the 8552B / 8556A D-type connectors are correctly mated. 
Poor mating is often the cause of X & Y display problems! A quick check is to ensure that switching the Input Attenuation lights all the lamps around the Log Ref Level control. 

Switch HP 141T Spectrum Analyser on. 
Non Storage mode. 
Intensity to 1 o’clock approx. 
Focus to 1 o’clock approx. 
Allow to warm up for 30 minutes approx. 
Set 8556A Controls as follows: 

... more to follow..