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Dismantled for Spares

Front view
This was the state of the HP 3764A Digital Transmission Analyser before dismantling. Top cover and printer module missing and some minor damage inside. 

The HP 3764A has been carefully dismantled down to 'Assembly' level so that I can cannibalise parts for use elsewhere, or maybe some of it will be useful to someone else to repair their unit. Please Contact Me if you need any of these parts.

I now have the original HP Service Manual to help identify all the spare parts.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
A0 Power Supply 03764-60000 [Black + Black handle] switched mode power supply pcb with +5V on rear 6 way connector and other dc rails on 96 way DIN connector.

A3 Main Data Output 03764-60153 [Black + Orange handle] with thick film (?) IC on front and SMB coax connector on back. 
A4 PRBS, Word & Trigger Generator 03764-60004 [Black + Yellow handle] with 8 IC's under screw-down heatsinks. 
A5 Clock Generator 03764-60005 [Black + Green handle] with 2 oscillators 139.2640 & 139.266MHz, 3 SMB coax connectors and filter assembly (?) in screeened box. 

A6 Jittered Clock Generator 03764-60006 [Black + Blue handle]. 
A7 Jitter Modulation Generator 03764-60007 [Black + Violet handle]. 
A8 Jitter Amplitude Control 03764-60008 [Black + Grey handle]. 
A9 Jitter Measurements 03764-60009 [Black + White handle]. 
A11 Data Input Amplifier 03764-60011 [Brown + Brown handle]. 
A12 Reference PRBS & Word Generator 03764-60012 [Brown + Red handle]. 
A13 Comparators & Counters 03764-60013 [Brown + Orange handle].
Note: IC U36 & U37 are missing.
A14 Main Counters & Rx Sync Control 03764-60214 [Brown + Yellow handle]. 
03764-60017 [Brown + Violet handle] Extender Card with 96 way DIN41612 connectors. 
A20 Motherboard 03764-60020 Motherboard with 15 x 96 way DIN41612 Plugs and 3 ribbon cable connectors. 
A24 Power Supply 03764-60024 Power Supply with 2 x 1,500µF 250V Capacitors. 
A21 Keyboard & Display 03764-60048 Front Panel Controls, no IC's but lots of push-button switches, LED's and 8 segment LED displays. 
A22 Keyboard & Display Interface 03764-60022 fits just behind A21 PCB. 
A25 HPIB & AUX Inputs 03764-60025 External Connections. 
Other Parts
Transformer 03764-80004       CEE22 Mains Filter    ETRI Fan Model 125 YG 24V
                                                                               6W 120mm
Coaxial Cables: 6 x BNC Socket to SMB? and 10 x BNC Socket to PCB mounting; various lengths 200mm to 500mm.
External Clock Input Pre-Amplifier? BNC Socket input and SMB? output. 
Power Off/On Switch, Voltage Selector and Fuseholder. 3 Pin Probe Power Plug.

Ribbon Cable Connectors

Case but no top cover.                          Card cage for motherboard and pcb's.

Various metalwork parts, including fan cover.

Front Panel.

Rear Panel.

Please Contact Me if you need any of these Parts.