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First, a few items for my Network Analyser System:

HP 11652A Transmission/Reflection Kit for the 8407A which contains: the HP 11652-60009 Power Splitter; the HP 8721A Directional Bridge; 1250-0929 BNC Short; 11652-60001 Precision BNC 50Ω Terminations; 11652-0002,3,4 BNC Cable Assemblies; and 2 other BNC Adaptors.

Second, a desirable for my Power Meters if found at a reasonable price:

HP 11683A Range Calibrator.  To check the calibration of my HP 435, 436, 438 & 8901B Power Meters.  These seem to go for crazy prices on eBay.  I'm considering designing an alternative using a spare 435B Power Meter and 8481A Power Sensor.

Third, some desirable items for my Spectrum Analyser System:

The HP 8750A Storage Normalizer needs 2 items to work with my Spectrum Analyser. Spectrum Analyser Interface A5 08750-60009 Board Assembly and a Direct Interface Cable 08750-60008 which has the special D-type connector at one end and 5 BNC connectors at the other end.

Forth, a desirable item for my Modulation Analyser:

The HP 11722A Sensor Module which automatically connects the input signal to either the RF Input or the Sensor Input of the HP 8901B Modulation Analyser.

Fifth and finally an additional useful item:

HP 8406A Comb Generator which is a very old design but still expensive, so I am considering designing an alternative.  This generates frequency markers at 1MHz, 10MHz and 100MHz with usable harmonics to beyond 5GHz.   This is recommended test equipment for several items.

If you have any of these items for sale, please Contact Me.