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A Spectrum Analyser measures amplitude against frequency, unlike an oscilloscope which measures amplitude against time.

HP Application Note 63 Spectrum Analysis provides a useful introduction to the subject, even if it is nearly 50 years old! Most of my Spectrum Analyser equipment dates from the 1970s and is still fit for purpose. One big advantage is that it is still maintainable with full operating and service information available. 

This equipment provides a versatile way of making frequency measurements from 20Hz to 18GHz and amplitude measurements from -130dBm to +10dBm.

Spectrum Analyser "Stack" 2008
Spectrum Analysis Progress and Problems

A short review of how far I have got with this project and what's holding me up. 

Spectrum Analysis Test Equipment

A wide range of test equipment and accessories was available from HP for spectrum analysis including:

HP 141T Display Section

HP 8443A Tracking Generator Counter

HP 8444A Tracking Generator

HP 8445B Automatic Preselector

HP 8552B IF Section

HP 8553B RF Section

HP 8554B RF Section

HP 8555A RF Section

HP 8556A LF Section

HP 1120A 500MHz Probe

HP 11517A External Mixer

HP 11592-60015 Plug-In Extender Assembly

HP 11592-60016 Inter-Connecting Cable

Operating HP 141T Spectrum Analyser

After acquiring, repairing and testing all this equipment, these are my working notes on operating the spectrum analyser and the various IF, RF and LF Sections.

Complete Spectrum Analyser "Stack" 2018
August 2019 
Have now sold all my 141T based equipment.

HP 8594E Spectrum Analyser
October 2019 
Replaced by a HP 8594E Spectrum Analyser 9kHz to 2.9GHz. Significantly more portable and powerful.