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The HP 8082A Pulse Generator is a dual channel 250MHz pulse source with variable leading and trailing edge transition times as fast as 1ns.  It also has variable pulse frequency, delay, width, offset and amplitude.  Single pulse, double pulse and square wave operation are available.  There are also four trigger modes.

The original cost was $4,725 in 1982.  An Operating and Service Manual was downloaded.

As can be seen, it arrived in poor condition
The Rear Panel is in much better condition
June 2018

This 8082A has had a bit of a bashing and has some extensive damage to the front panel area.  Some repair work is therefore required.  For details see Repair HP 8082A Pulse Generator.

August 2018

Unfortunately, the 8082A proved to be beyond repair and has been scrapped. Hopefully some of the parts will be of use to someone else.  See HP 8082A Parts for details.