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The HP 8554B RF Section is used with the HP 141T Display Section and the HP 8552B IF Section to make a Spectrum Analyser. It cost $4,025 in 1980. I have downloaded the Manual. The 8554B will operate over a bandwidth of 100kHz to 1,250MHz which covers the VHF and UHF bands.

Front view [reproduced from HP Catalogue]
I have not acquired a 8554B (yet). The bandwidth overlaps other models so this RF Section is not essential for my Spectrum Analyser system.  If I find one in good condition, I will buy it to complete the set.

  Model     Section   Bandwidth
8553B RF 1kHz to 110MHz
8554B RF  100kHz to 1,250MHz 
8555A RF 10MHz to 40GHz
8556A LF 20Hz to 300kHz