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The HP 8554B RF Section is used with the HP 141T Display Section and the HP 8552B IF Section to make a Spectrum Analyser. It cost $4,025 in 1980. I have downloaded the Manual. The 8554B will operate over a bandwidth of 100kHz to 1,250MHz which covers the VHF and UHF bands.

Front view [reproduced from HP Catalogue]
I have not acquired a 8554B (yet). The bandwidth overlaps other models so this RF Section is not essential for my Spectrum Analyser system.  If I find one in good condition, I will buy it to complete the set.

  Model     Section   Bandwidth
8553B RF 1kHz to 110MHz
8554B RF  100kHz to 1,250MHz 
8555A RF 10MHz to 40GHz
8556A LF 20Hz to 300kHz
July 2018 
Acquired a HP 8554B and a 8554L as part of a 'Job Lot'. To be tested when I have time.

Some Operating Instructions are available as a 'Quick Reference', see
Operating HP 8554B RF Section
Full details are provided in the HP Manual, available for download.